8th Illinois Cavalry

From the original painting by Mort Künstler "Hold At All Cost" © 1993 Mort Künstler, Inc.

The 8th Today

The 8th Regiment of Illinois Volunteer Cavalry Member Unit of the First Brigade, Illinois Volunteers, the Division Cavalry Brigade, and the 1st Federal Division, a partner in the Blue-Gray Alliance. The 8th Regiment of Illinois Volunteer Cavalry was reactivated by Illinois Governor Daniel Walker for the 1976 United States Bicentennial celebration. The Regiment has since been active as one of the Midwest's premiere Mounted and Dismounted Cavalry reenacting groups. We are located in northern Illinois and have members from Wisconsin, Iowa, and Indiana. In addition to the many Civil War reenactments we attend, we also participate in parades, living histories, school presentations, and memorial ceremonies. The regiment is organized with a field commander serving as a senior officer, an assistant field commander who may serve as senior NCO or a junior officer, a junior officer commanding the mounted troops, and non-commissioned officers. We also have a President, Secretary/Treasurer, and Quartermaster who help run our organization. Our roster currently boasts over 45 military members and civilian members. Our objective is to portray the highly trained 8th Illinois Cavalry in military drills, battle tactics, and camp life. We strive to provide the best impression to explain the role of Federal Cavalry in the Civil War. The troopers provide their own reproduction uniforms and equipment. Mounted, dismounted, and civilian impressions are welcome. The 8th Illinois Cavalry, Inc. is an insured entity through Lloyds of London. We make every effort to provide a fun and wholesome atmosphere for the whole family. If you would like to have the 8th Illinois Cavalry at your next reenactment, classroom, or parade, or would like additional information on joining the 8th, please contact us.

President of the 8th Regiment of Illinois Volunteer Cavalry:

Kevin Sanchez -

Field Commander:

Molly Middel -